Website Maintenance | Cos/Art Galleries

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile!

I’ve had this website for a long while now, but I have honestly been a little crud about keeping up the updates with it. Finally having the chance to fully focus on my cosplay and art now, I’m getting it fixed back up again! 😀

I finally have an SSL, so if you’re getting “Not Secure” alerts, please clear your browser cache!

Yes, the Cosplay and Art Galleries are Error 404 right now. I have them private while I go through and clean up old posts and post new things. This may take me a little bit, but they’ll be up soon!

Thank you all for the patience and your dedication. I love y’all!

TLDR Known Issues:
Not Secure Web Page: Clear your browser cache pretty please!
-Cosplay & Art Galleries 404: They’re private right now while I’m doing maintenance. They’ll be up again soon!