Our Approach

What the heck is 'elffy style' and how do you do it?

Elffy style was a silly saying that was often used to refer to me and my general oddness back in high school. Since then, it's stood as a way of simply saying, whatever you do, make sure you do it as your true self, no matter how weird you may think you are.

Be unashamed and unafraid. Honestly, my whole thing is, if I can inspire one more person to cosplay, if I can show them that cosplay is within their grasp, then I've done what I've come to do!

Our Story

What is FullElven Cosplay & Art?

FullElven Cosplay & Art came about when I started cosplaying back in 08'. It was short lived, as I was engaged and wanting to not just start a family, but also give college another go. So, during the years that followed, I focused on my digital art while always dreaming I'd get to attend a convention.

Enter 2017. I finally got to attend my first convention, and it renignited my cosplay spark all over again! Now I'm at it (and the art grind) full time!

Behind the Cosplay


Why do you Cosplay?

It ended up being just another way to express myself. I have bad social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder, but it goes away when I'm in character!


Do you cosplay with anyone?

Yes! My husband is the Ollie to my Dinah! The Yuuri to my Viktor. The...Reaper to my Soldier76. Okay, that last one hasn't happened yet, but it will!


My kiddos cosplay too!

During the summer months, you can often find my mini-me's cosplaying right along side with me! We try not to drag them on long weekends during the school year.

Want To See Me At Your Next Convention?

Drop me an email plenty ahead of time! As you can guess, having 4 kids takes some planning around, so I need to be able to make prior arrangements so that I may come!