Rebranding & Updates

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile!

I’m so sorry for neglecting this for so long. With the pandemic, I had to put content creation off to the side while I worked on supporting my family on a 9 – 5. Good news is that I’ve spent the past 3 years growing, gaining perspective, and I’m back better than ever!

Plans are:
– Turn this site into a place where you can find my latest updates & merch.
– Sunset galleries as they are, make resources easier to find.

Current Known Site Issues:
Website is not secure: Please close the site, clear your browser cache, and revisit using https://. This will fix the issue.
Links are 404/Not Found: I am sunsetting these pages or revamping them. Thank you for your continued patience.
TLDR Known Issues:
Not Secure Web Page: Clear your browser cache pretty please!
-Cosplay & Art Galleries 404: They’re private right now while I’m doing maintenance. They’ll be up again soon!

Thanks again for your support! In the meantime, you can find me on these current sites:
OnlyFans (Ages 18+ ONLY):