Naka-Kon 2019! Come See My Cosplay Panel!

Hey all! Long time no update! I’ve been working hard on my contest piece (well, both my contest pieces) for Naka-Kon! I’ve got an art piece I’m submitting in the art contest and a cosplay as well! I’m a nervous wreck, but if you want to see me in my contest armor, come by Naka-Kon that Saturday to see me as genderbent Ganondorf Dragmire from Hyrule Warriors!

I’m also hosting my first panel ever, so if you’d like to get a lot of life hacks for cosplaying on the cheap, come see me in the Sandalwood 1 on Friday Night from 6:30 to 7! Come early, because I hear cosplay panels fill up quick! Being a mom of 4, everything I build is built on a budget. I’ve taken all my knowledge on patterns, gem making, leds and put it into this panel as well as gathering a bunch of tips from my experienced seamstress friends (some of which work at JoAnn’s and know all the hacks to get the best deal!)

So please, think about stopping by and at least say hi! I’ll probably be wearing a cosplay I’ve yet to even debut!

I hope to see you all there!

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