Made it to Arkansas! :D


I’m down here in Arkansas, and let me tell you, it’s been an absolute gift thus far! I’ve never been to Arkansas before, so it was really interesting to see the transition of things from Missouri into Arkansas, and how the more south you go, the dirt gets red.

Like wut? I thought those country songs were lying! That’s so cool!

I also saw a lot of big rock formations, so my favorite game to play thus far on the way down was (me)”Is that a mountain?” (husband and roommate)”No.” (me)”It’s a mountain, I’ve never seen one, so you can’t prove to me any different.” (them)”sigh.”

I’m looking forward to getting everything set up at my booth and coming down in Ganondorf. My Cosplay on the Cheap panel is tonight at 630 to 730! Hoping I can keep y’all entertained with it! 😀

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